About Artist

I, Jung Lee-French, am a Jewelry designer, entrepreneur, classical pianist, music director, and amateur impressionist oil painter, who holds three music degrees. These are in Performance (B.M), Pedagogy (M.M) and Historical Performance Practice: Piano (DMA). 

While studying in my doctoral program at Claremont Graduate University, I discovered that jewelry-making was an excellent pursuit to release stress, and was then struck by how many philosophical correspondences there are between music and the arts.

“Figura” and “modus” as musical tools apply to all of my artistic pursuits. Just as each musical tone contains its own character, individual differentia (figura) and nature of motion (modus), each stone has its own natural elements.

Designing and making jewelry is like music performance. Just as I perform with individual feeling, I also design and make jewelry in a spirit of performance. Like music, each piece is expressed by it’s own thematic materials that contain the feature of classic, romantic and modern characteristics. In producing my pieces, I emphasize clarity, subjectivity, simplicity, nobility, the nature of beauty and individuality. 

Every natural stone has a unique individual texture, features, temperature, tone, color, and element. When I choose the right stone to fit a mood, an atmosphere and a style, the result is as complete as a performance.  Every piece that I produce is designed by myself and reflects my own taste. 

While visiting 89 countries around the globe, I collected many natural stones. Most stones contain healing energy and will improve health when they are worn. I am not attracted to what everybody else has or wants. As in my performance, I try to express personal feeling in my jewelry design and assembly and delight in producing special pieces aligned to the wearer’s discriminating taste. In choosing to wear my jewelry, you will select a unique design that reflects a considerable natural beauty.

It will be only one in the world.


Jung Lee-French, DMA

Jewelry designer, entrepreneur, amateur painter, pianist and music director.

Music website:  Laguna Beach Piano Studio

Jewelry website:  Dotori Jewelry

Australian skincare distributor:  AcornTree, LLC

Youtube Channel: Dr. Dotori TV