"When I wear my Dotori necklaces, I feel elegant. Her jewelry makes every day a special occasion.  I always receive compliments from others, even strangers, and I love telling the story of the amazing artist who hand-crafted my jewelry. The stones also feel very healing."

-Rachel Lang, Los Angeles

 "A work of art from deep within, selected stunningly beautiful stones, giving the wearer an added sophistication of individual style and healing power. I truly enjoy wearing your jewelry."

- Ophelia Lumyou, Artist in Laguna Beach, CA

Jung's designs are truly unique, classic and timeless. 
Her pieces are elegant, subtle, graceful yet sophisticated and edgy. 
Truly one-of-a-kind! 

- Michelle Horowitz,  CA
I so love Jung's jewelry designs.  
So tasteful and opulent, every piece in her collection is a work of wearable Fine Art, a sculpture made of beautiful elements combined with an aim to energize and elevate the wearer.  
She have always been beyond gifted as a designer, and I know that she will breathe a wondrous new life into my old pieces.  
-Cynthia Haagens, Los Angeles, CA