Circle of Brilliance Bracelet

Beautiful white ocean pearls and natural Citrine combine with Italian gold-filled chain and findings to make a luminous  and sumptuous modern bracelet.  Ocean pearls are thought to access the mystical feminine and Goddess energies; protective Citrine is believed to assist with life transitions, success, abundance, new partnerships, mental clarity, creativity, confidence,  truth, will, spirituality and joy. 

Matching necklace includes an equally brilliant blend of South Seas white pearls, Natural Citrine nuggets, natural Pyrite beads, and Italian gold filled chains, pins and hook, and natural Pyrite beads.  Attach your own pendant, or choose ours of gorgeous Natural Amber.  Amber, sometimes called “the stone of optimism,” is Nature’s own jewel made of fossilized tree resin.  Amber is said to enhance creativity and self-confidence, and to open up spiritual wisdom and manifestation of dreams.  Historically it has been associated with fertility and the universal life-force.

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