• Beauty of Black and White

Beauty of Black and White

 Op. 72

The Ancient Greeks and Romans associated Onyx with a Venus and Cupid myth signifying lasting happiness and love. Onyx is also thought to increase strength, focus, self-confidence, renewal/regeneration, and success in overcoming bad habits.  And, when combined with pearls, as in this gorgeous chain necklace, Onyx is believed to open up powers of intuition and metaphysical awareness.  Crystal brings in light, healing, and space-clearing energies. 

Raindrop-like  strands of silver chain fall softly below a beautiful triad of stones from Earth and Sea. This opulent necklace of synergistic gemstones is sure to infuse your days and nights with a magical sparkle! 

Material: Black onyx, Crystal, Itlaian 925 sterling silver, genuine white pearls.