• Yellow Citrine

Yellow Citrine


Warm, glowing Citrine beads form the base of this necklace, from which hangs a centerpiece of luxurious garnet, South Sea pearls, 18K vermeil gold, and crystals. The necklace is emboldened with dazzling colors and subtle variations in texture. Together, the stones create a piece to treasure for a lifetime. 

Natural Citrine refracts light, energizes its wearer and makes any day extraordinary. It is said that Citrine promotes success, prosperity, and abundance. It also dissipates negative energies, so it stays clear and brilliant.  In addition to these healing properties, Citrine has also been known to magnify personal power and energize its wearer. 

Material: Natural yellow citrine nuggets, natural garnet nuggets, South sea pearls (white, gray), 18K vermeil gold, crystal rondelle, daisy, caps and tubes.

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